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#Mechanical Engineer #CAD Customisation Engineer #Software Developer #Web Developer #Data Analyst #CNC Machine Design Engineer #FEA Analyst


CAD Customisation Engineer
Expertise in CAD Customisation self-handling projects in Creo toolkit & Creo VB API and having core experience in CNC machine design & structural FEA analysis at R&D New Product Development. With my strong skills on software development + machine design, providing solutions to the real world engineering design & manufacturing problems.


Things that I work on.

Creo Toolkit & VB API Customization

Windows, Web, Android Apps developer

CNC VMC Design Engineer @ R&D NPD

Linear & Non-Linear Static Structural Analysis


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Record Commands for Third Angle Project View State

Creo Drawing Program to utilize the Same Engineering drawing for both First angle and Third angle Projection

Can you use the same engineering drawing for the First and Third Angle drawing Manufacturers? Here we have to send the same casting drawing to the both manufacturer with their requirement. Creating multiple drawings for the same model is a bad Idea. During changes in the model causes update required for all the drawings So […]

Get Software Bugs via Outlook Mail

[sgrb_review id=2] Some Bugs are an inevitable at the client side due to the environment changes in clients place such as System Configuration, Server configuration, Database configuration, & much more stuff. Sometimes, we cannot get the proper technical information from the client side about the bug. We have to find out the function where the […]


Shell Idealization Over the Solid Model in Geometric Element Analysis

[sgrb_review id=3]Hello Guys, Here, I am going to explain about the advantages of shell idealization over the solid model. I have done Geometric Element Analysis on sheet metal bracket using Creo Simulate (Pro Mechanica) I have considered 2 cases, one for the sheet metal bracket with the 3D solid model and another one for the […]

How to Install, Register, & Configure Creo VB API Toolkit component in Creo Parametric

[sgrb_review id=1]For those trying to CAD Automation in Creo using VB API, here is your first article.,you must read before a start. you need to install VB API along with Creo, Register your batch file and also you need to configure your PC for VB API works. Let us see how to make this. INSTALLATION: […]